Welcome to the Network Centric Applied Research Team

What is N-CART

NCART is a multidisciplinary research organization based in the Department of Computer Science at Ryerson University. Our focus is on the extension of personal space and a sense of presence into, and across, different media. We want to interact with real worlds at the other end of the wire.

Amongst the multiple areas of our research, we’ve developed knacks for our own areas of research, and we hope it interests and pushes your pursuit in your research as well.

UAV Research

One of NCART’s most developing research sectors is the usage of UAVs, more commonly referred to as Drones, to develop new technologically focused tactics of Search and Rescue missions, as well as searching DAT Victims with the use of UAVs. 

3D Scene Reconstruction of Disaster Environment

Our Research in 3D Scene Reconstruction is used to build models rubble of collapsed building with the hope that we can eventually characterize rubble. This is a much needed in Urban Search and Rescue study.