Network-Centric Applied Research Team will be changing to Computational Public Safety Lab

Notice: Effective Immediately

After many years the Network-Centric Applied Research Team (N-CART) has changed its name to more closely reflect its research interests. Please be advised that N-CART has been renamed to the Computational Public Safety (CPS) lab. Over time, this website will be modified to reflect this change.

The Purpose of This Lab:

We are a multidisciplinary Computational Public Safety-focused research lab located in the Department of Computer Science at Ryerson University. Computational Public Safety involves the application of computational resources, theory and practice in support of an improvement to public safety processes. It is the goal of this lab to one day contribute to saving someone’s life.

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About the Founder

Alex Ferworn
Lab Director
Dr. Ferworn is a Professor of Computer Science at Ryerson University. Alex earned his PhD from the U of Waterloo, his MSc from the U of Guelph and his B. Tech from Ryerson.
Alex is the program Director of the Computational Public Safety lab (formerly Network-Centric Applied Research Team (NCART)) focusing on the fledgling field of “Computational Public Safety”. Curious, he seeks out collaborations with individuals and groups in fields as widely diverse as archaeology, law enforcement, physics, disaster management, fire protection, Enlish, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, and fashion.
His award-winning work has been widely publicized in the media. He is a past recipient of the Information Technology Association of Canada’s (ITAC) “IT Hero” award. In 2013 he was named the EURAXESS Canadian “Science Slam” champion for his ability to communicate complex ideas to a general audience in compelling ways. “Partners In Research” named him their Canadian “Technology Ambassador” of 2014 for his body of work and his outreach activities. In 2019 his work in finding lost and wandering patients with dementia was featured at the CRAM Learning Festival.
His stated goal is to one day contribute to saving someone’s life.

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