S. Sharieh, K. Sartipi, A. Ferworn

Abstract — This paper presents a protocol for a near –real-time binary data exchange over Ad-Hoc networks, and heterogeneous networks. The protocol was tested with a software simulation and a real fully mobile system which monitors oxygenated hemoglobin (HBO) and deoxygenated hemoglobin (HB) concentration changes in the brain and tissues. The system uses global system for mobile communications (GSM) and Bluetooth networks. The system consists of three parts: a wireless near-infrared light sensor with Bluetooth support, a personal digital assistant
(PDA) with Bluetooth and GSM support, and a personal computer (PC) connected to the internet. When the system starts, the sensor connects to the PDA using Bluetooth, and the PDA connects to the PC in the lab using GSM and the Internet. The system packages the acquired data using the
protocol described in this paper (LayerPro). LayerPro performance was compared with the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The results show that LayerPro performs better than HTTP when streaming binary data over heterogeneous networks

Citation: S. Sharieh, K. Sartipi, A. Ferworn, “Light-weight Protocol Simulation for Binary Data Exchange over Heterogeneous Networks”, Communications and Networking Simulation Symposium (CNS 2010), April 12-15, 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA.