A Financial Evaluation Framework for Blockchain Implementations

Authored By: M. Demir, O. Turetken and A. Ferworn


Blockchain technology is at its hype. Organizations are trying to implement blockchain based solutions. At least, they are thinking of blockchain as a solution platform for some of their business problems. There are some problems that find solution very effectively on blockchain, such as cryptocurrencies. But most other problems have alternative solution. Majority of these problems are currently solved by using other technologies.
Blockchain in most cases seems to provide a different solution with added benefits. In that case, does it worth to use blockchain? Do companies benefit enough form using blockchain? Does blockchain technology help companies to save on costs?
This paper introduces a framework to help organizations evaluate the blockchain implementations financially. Each organization has its own criteria and conditions. Therefore, each evaluation is to be done by the organization on its own project with its own criteria. Our novel contribution is a framework to follow while evaluating blockchain solutions.

Citation: M. Demir, O. Turetken and A. Ferworn, ” A Financial Evaluation Framework for Blockchain Implementations,” in IEEE 10th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON), Vancouver, BC, 2019.

Available at: http://ncart.scs.ryerson.ca/blockchainfinancialevaluation-submitted-at-2019-08-12/