Network-Centric Applied Research Team (N-CART)

is a multidisciplinary research organization based in the department of computer science at Ryerson University. Our focus is on the extension of personal space and a sense of presence into, and across, different media. We want to interact with real worlds at the other end of the wire.


Our research interests include:

  • Autonomy and Autonomous Agents
  • Teleoperation and Telepresence
  • Computer Mediated Interaction
  • Internet Appliances and Soft Computing
  • Intelligent Image and Video Processing
  • Urban Search and Rescue (Canine and Rescue Robots)
  • Improvised Explosive Device Neutralization
  • Computation for Public Safety
  • Innovation in Experimental Education


Our organization actively seeks collaboration with educational, corporate and industrial organizations.

We work with systems that are inherently unreliable, involve insufficient computing and network resources, are difficult to control and are designed for the real world.

Come check out our Youtube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ncartvideos/videos

All our publications are also available here.






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