ASTM E54.09 Response Robots @ NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland- February 26 – March 02 2018

Dr. Ferworn and Christopher Chan attended a standards meeting with the ASTM International Standards Committee on Homeland Security Applications; Response Robots (E54.09) being held in Gaithersburg, MD, February 26 – March 02 2018. 

This committee is elevated one level to that of a sub-committee due to recognition of our overall productivity.  In attendance will be members of the  DHS FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Robotic Standards Group.

The objective of the meeting is regarding ASTM International Standards Committee on Homeland Security Applications, Sub-Committee on Response Robots (E54.09). Its purpose is to provide an update on each working group’s effort with an emphasis on getting the existing test methods to ballot. Draft standards and prototype apparatus designs will be reviewed by manufacturers and others.  Topics will include recent test method validation exercises, robot purchases,  competitions, training events, and new collaborating test facilities around the world.

Christopher Chan has also given a brief talk about his work on IED neutralization simulation.

Summary of Meeting

Remotely operated robots, including ground, aerial, and aquatic systems, enable emergency responders to perform extremely hazardous tasks from safer stand-off distances. Standard test methods help robot manufacturers and users objectively evaluate system capabilities to align with mission requirements. This improves the safety and effectiveness of emergency responders as they attempt to save lives and protect property in our communities.

The ASTM International Standards Committee on Homeland Security Applications; Response Robots (E54.09) is developing the standards infrastructure necessary to quantitatively evaluate and compare robotic system capabilities. These test methods inspire innovation, inform purchasing decisions, and focus training with measures of operator proficiency. 

This standards committee meeting and test method validation exercise included numerous test methods under development to evaluate response robot capabilities for ground, aerial, and aquatic systems. It was organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Intelligent Systems Division with sponsorship from the Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate, Capability Development Support Group, Office of Standards. 

Photos and Videos:

Additional Information below (includes minutes from this meeting and other meetings):

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