Blockchain and IoT for Delivery Assurance on Supply Chain (BIDAS)

Authored by: M. Demir, O. Turetken and A. Ferworn


Blockchain technology introduced immutable distributed ledgers to the technology landscape. With the current popularity and success of the blockchain technology, researchers are looking for further implementation opportunities for the tamper-free ledgers. The supply chain industry has been a beneficiary of blockchain technology with its rich set of participants. From financing all the way to tracking containers, there are opportunities in the supply chain industry to utilize distributed ledger technologies. Furthermore, Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless enabled devices add value by providing services based on their sensor capabilities. Our study is on the synergy of blockchain technology and IoT to provide quality data to supply chains. We believe that the next generation of IoT services would only be possible with the democratic autonomy of devices in an environment where privacy, trust, transparency, and security are provided. With blockchain and IoT, there is a potential in re-architecting supply chain systems. With the addition of IoT capabilities, there are opportunities to create better business models.
In this paper, we focus on delivery assurance in the supply chain industry, and we propose a novel blockchain-based transparent delivery framework for creating solutions that record and share data on the interaction of business participants. This framework helps create solutions that include handover and monitoring aspects of the delivery businesses and adds several benefits that come with the blockchain technology.

Citation: M. Demir, O. Turetken and A. Ferworn, ” Blockchain and IoT for Delivery Assurance on Supply Chain (BIDAS),” in IEEE Big Data 2019- IoT Big Data and Blockchain (IoTBB’2019)

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