Environment Canada Building Site Tour – NSERC CREATE ADERSIM


NCART PhD. Candidate, Christopher Chan, went on the following lab trip (with both CREATE trainees and Professor Jimmy Huang and Profess Xing Tan) to the Environment Canada building at 4905 Dufferin Street.
Date: January 12th, 2018 Friday
Time: 11am to 1pm,
In the trip, they visited the weather center, which is the authoritative source of weather alerts 24/7 across Canada; got a first-hand experience regarding how EC-Canada models and analyzes  information on seasonal and extreme weather forecasting, snow depth, wave and hurricane modelling and etc. The tour also consisted of a visit to their air monitoring station at Downsview and a brainstorming and networking session with researchers and staff at EC before and after the tour.
This tour was exciting, learning-filled and knowledge-enriching for our CREATE ADERSIM folks. 
Photos and videos footage of Environment Canada tour:
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