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UAV Research

Ryerson’s Drone Research encompasses implementing drones into society by producing and researching solutions for highegr level social problems.
One of NCART’s most proficient research topics surrounding UAV’s is the implementation of UAV’s as a means of locating wandering patients, amongst other development topics:

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Locating Wandering Patients with Dementia

IED Research

NCART’s IED Research is one of many very advanced and sophisticated topic with the means of researching methods of IED defusal and emergency response strategies. Working with multitudes of police/special force units, NCART is endlessly developing strategies to merge IED defusal with robotic systems:




Media & News

On top of constant research, NCART’s reserach and developments have been addressed numerous times by multitudes of news outlets:



Canine Augmentation Technology

NCART’s CAT (Canine Augmentation Technology) is one of NCART’s oldest and most developed research topics, as it’s development has been effective in implementation in real world problems and disaster situations:



Disaster Scene Reconstruction

NCART’s 3D Disaster Scene Reconstruction is a crucial element of research, as simulation techniques are always a highly efficient method of researching certain topics that would otherwise impose a lot of time and inefficiency for multiple tests:

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