NSERC CREATE ADERSIM Invited Seminar: Jamie Stirling – Ryerson University/Ubimodo Ltd.

Jamie Stirling gave a CREATE ADERSIM seminar at Ryerson University.
Date: February 6, 2018
Time: 2 – 4 PM
Location: Victoria Building, 285 Victoria Street – Room VIC 500
Ryerson University
Title: The Science of Search and Rescue -Setting the New Standard
Abstract: Today’s modern search and rescue teams are coordinated, and systematic in their approach to searching for clues. Persons with dementia leave few clues behind, and searchers will use analytics gathered from past searches to help determine the lost person behaviour, and their hallmark behaviours. Integrating this with modern tools, such as electronic mapping, global satellite systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles become the tools of choice for today’s police departments. This session will focus on search theory, resources, dementia and how police will prepare for Canada’s ageing population.
Bio: Jamie Stirling, President Ubimodo Ltd. has 28 years of search and rescue experience with the Ontario Provincial Police, including 6 years as their Provincial Search and Rescue Coordinator. He has managed some of Canada’s most challenging cases and is recognized as a Canadian Provincial Court expert in mapping and GPS systems. A “Honorary Canadian Ranger” with the 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol. Jamie has provided technical assistance to numerous organizations, both provincial and national governments, where his operational knowledge in search and rescue has been instrumental in creating a foundation for search and rescue operations and programs. 
• Past member and Chair of the Ground Search and Rescue Council of Canada
• Past member and Chair of the Ontario Public Order Advisory Committee 
• Technical committee member for The Ontario Alzheimer Society’s “Finding Your Way” Program
• Technical committee member for the “Canadian Standards Association” for Canadian Search and Rescue standards, project manager for the “Search Management” section.
• Lead instructor (since 1999) on courses that include: Basic Search, Wilderness Survival, Search Management, Digital Mapping, Project Lifesaver.
• Involved in over 1400 Emergency Response Team calls.

Jamie has a wealth of expertise in Search and Rescue (SAR) based on his long experience in the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and is one of Dalia’s collaborators in her doctoral work on finding lost and wandering people with dementia through the use of algorithmically guided drones.


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